Friday, July 16, 2010

Rarities Fine Jewelry - Rings and Things!

I'm back! Not that anyone noticed, ha ha! Anyway, this blogging thing is not as easy as I thought it would be, especially w/ a 2 year old. But it is fun, an outlet for me to obsess and talk about things that my husband does not care to hear about, lol! Anyway, it's my day off today and Eli is with his grandma so I thought I'd grab this rare opportunity to put in a new post.

 At the moment I'm watching HSN, and they are featuring Rarities Fine Jewelry. I was going to switch the channel until I saw this blue beauty:

It's called Turquoise and Philippine Wood Vermeil Ring.
HSN Price $169.90 - yikes!

This picture does not make the ring look as good as it did on TV. It's a beauty.
However I would not spend that much money on a ring. 
(Fashion Jewelry from Claire's and Forever 21 fit my budget).

 But for those of you who would, it's available on

Here's some other cute pieces from the Rarities Jewelry line, you can also find these on the HSN website:

Mother of Pearl and Gemstone Vermeil "Owl" Ring
HSN Event Price $299.90

Turquoise Vermeil "Leaf" Dangle Earrings
HSN Event Price $169.90
(Love This!)

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